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Sony and Honda are developing the electric vehicle Afeela EV.

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Sony and Honda are developing the electric vehicle Afeela EV, which will allow displaying messages and images on its front bumper, according to a new video about the car, including the ability to... advertise video games.

You can see the bumper transformed into a screen - called the "Media Bar" - starting from minute 3:17 in the video. The video also demonstrates more sensible uses of the Media Bar, such as displaying the car's name, a red warning signal, or even a birthday message. However, the video also shows how you can display logos from Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Fortnite, and Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition, which seems rather ridiculous.

This is not the only strange and potentially distracting or dangerous feature in the car with screens. A function called "Monster View" overlays virtual kaiju monsters on visible parts of the road on the dashboard screen and encourages the driver to "capture the escaped monsters." Encouraging people to chase virtual beasts that only they can see while navigating busy city streets seems like a bad idea. It's also possible to watch movies on the dashboard's big screen, which also seems like an even worse idea!

You should watch the full video to get an idea of what Sony and Honda are planning for the Afeela. However, it's important to note that in the YouTube annotation, the Afeela is described as a "prototype," which means that everything shown in the video could change before this car hits the market, as announced by Sony and Honda last year, expected in North America in 2026.

At least we will eventually be able to try out the Afeela in Gran Turismo 7.