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Six Feet Under is a TV series about death that speaks about life

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"Six Feet Under" is a dramatic TV series that tells the story of the Fisher family, who run a funeral home business. The series was created by Alan Ball and aired on HBO. The first season was released in 2001, and the fifth and final season is scheduled for 2005.

The Story

The story of "Six Feet Under" begins in 2001 when Nathaniel Fisher, the patriarch of the family, dies in a car accident. His children, Nate, David, and Claire, must cope with their loss and learn to manage the funeral home business.

The series explores the theme of death in an original and provocative way. "Six Feet Under" shows how death is a natural part of life and can have a profound impact on people.

The Characters

The characters of "Six Feet Under" are among the most complex and intriguing in the world of TV series. Here's a brief introduction to the main characters:

Nate Fisher: The protagonist of the series, he is a man haunted by his past and his father's death. David Fisher: Nate's gay brother, he is a sensitive and creative man trying to find his place in the world. Claire Fisher: Nate and David's younger sister, she is a rebellious and troubled young woman trying to find her identity. Ruth Fisher: The mother of Nate, David, and Claire, she is a strong and determined woman trying to keep the family together. Ruth Fisher Sr.: Ruth's mother, she is an eccentric and quirky woman trying to make sense of her husband's death.

The Plot

The plot of "Six Feet Under" is filled with twists, suspense, and realism. The Fishers must deal with their father's sudden death while also grappling with their personal issues.

The series is also very rich in emotions and introspection. "Six Feet Under" explores people's feelings about death and shows how death can be a source of growth and change.

The Success of the Series

"Six Feet Under" enjoyed tremendous success, both critically and with the audience. The series was praised for its writing, direction, cinematography, and character development.

The show also won numerous awards, including five Emmy Awards for Best Drama Series, a Golden Globe for Best Drama Series, and a Peabody Award.


"Six Feet Under" is a must-watch TV series that has tackled a difficult theme in an original and profound way. The series is a reflection on life, death, and the meaning of existence.


"Six Feet Under" was created by Alan Ball, the screenwriter of "American Beauty." The series is set in Los Angeles, the city where Alan Ball resides. The series was filmed in Los Angeles, the city where Alan Ball lives.

Strengths of the Series

Original and thought-provoking treatment of the theme of death Complex and fascinating characters High-quality writing, direction, cinematography, and character development

Weaknesses of the Series

The series can be a bit heavy for some viewers. The series can be a bit slow at times.