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PlayStation VR2: The New Generation of Virtual Reality Gaming

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PlayStation VR2: Sony's Next-Gen Virtual Reality Experience"

PlayStation VR2 is Sony's latest virtual reality (VR) headset. It was announced in February 2022 and released in January 2024. It serves as the successor to the original PlayStation VR, which was launched in 2016.

PlayStation VR2 brings several improvements compared to its predecessor. It boasts greater power with a 4K HDR resolution and a wider field of view. Additionally, it supports eye tracking, enabling users to interact with the virtual world more naturally.


PlayStation VR2 boasts a range of features that make it a more potent and immersive VR headset.

4K HDR Resolution: PlayStation VR2 offers a resolution of 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye, totaling 4000 x 2040 pixels. This resolution is four times higher than that of the original PlayStation VR. Wider Field of View: PlayStation VR2 provides a field of view of 110 degrees, an improvement over the original PlayStation VR's 100 degrees. This allows users to see more of the virtual world. Eye Tracking: PlayStation VR2 supports eye tracking, allowing users to interact with the virtual world more naturally. For example, users can look in a direction to aim a weapon or move in a specific direction.


PlayStation VR2 is compatible with existing PlayStation VR games. However, Sony has announced a lineup of new exclusive games for PlayStation VR2.

Some highly anticipated games for PlayStation VR2 include:

Horizon Call of the Mountain: A first-person action game set in the Horizon Zero Dawn universe. Resident Evil Village VR: A virtual reality version of the survival horror game Resident Evil Village. No Man's Sky VR: A virtual reality adaptation of the space exploration game No Man's Sky.


PlayStation VR2 is available at a price of 499 euros. This price includes the headset, DualSense controllers, and a charging cable.

PlayStation VR2 is a powerful and immersive VR headset that offers several improvements over its predecessor. It's an excellent choice for gamers seeking a more engaging virtual reality gaming experience.

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