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Mad Men, TV series, 1960s, advertising, drama, character study, social commentary

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Mad Men is a dramatic TV series that tells the story of a group of advertising executives in New York during the 1960s. The series was created by Matthew Weiner and aired on AMC. The first season was released in 2007, and the sixth and final season is scheduled for 2015.

The Story

Mad Men's story begins in 1960 and follows the lives of Don Draper, a successful advertising executive working at the Sterling Cooper agency. Don is a charismatic and charming man but is also haunted by his past.

The series explores the world of advertising in the 1960s and demonstrates how advertising is a powerful tool that can influence society. The series is also a portrayal of American society in the 1960s, a society undergoing rapid transformation.

The Characters

The characters of Mad Men are among the most iconic in the TV series landscape. Here is a brief introduction to the main characters:

Don Draper: The protagonist of the series, a successful advertising executive tormented by his past. Peggy Olson: A young woman working as a secretary at Sterling Cooper, an intelligent and determined woman aiming to succeed in the advertising world. Roger Sterling: The owner of Sterling Cooper, a wealthy and powerful man who is a master of persuasion. Joan Holloway: A charming and intelligent woman working as a secretary at Sterling Cooper. Betty Draper: Don's wife, a classy and refined woman dissatisfied with her marriage.

The Plot

Mad Men's plot is full of twists, suspense, and realism. Don Draper must confront his inner demons while coming to terms with societal changes.

The series is also rich in history and culture. Mad Men explores the social and cultural changes of the 1960s, including the Vietnam War, the civil rights movement, and the sexual revolution.

The Success of the Series

Mad Men has been enormously successful, both in terms of critical acclaim and viewership. The series has been praised for its writing, direction, photography, and character development.

The series has also won numerous awards, including five Primetime Emmy Awards, four Golden Globes, and a Peabody Award.


Mad Men is a must-watch TV series that realistically and fascinatingly portrays the 1960s. The series reflects on the power of advertising, American society, and the modern man.


Mad Men was created by Matthew Weiner, a former copywriter who worked at the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce advertising agency. The series is set in New York, the city where Matthew Weiner worked as a copywriter. The series was filmed in New York, the city where Matthew Weiner worked as a copywriter.

Strengths of the Series

Writing Direction Photography Characterization Analysis of society Reflection on the power of advertising

Weaknesses of the Series

The series can be a bit slow at times. The series may be somewhat pessimistic for some viewers.